The era of the box gyms is over and time is now for the next generation of virtual performance centres, AKA the Nexus Performance Centre.

At Nexus, we are proud adapters of the latest technology and innovation to help you get to your next level in fitness, By allowing you to purchase a program for your specific requirements such as Teen Athlete Program / Dry Cupping / Personal Fitness you can now do this all on our website and save your self the hassle of being tied into expensive yearly contracts, you pay for the fitness program when you want it and on your own schedule.

What do you get standard with your program:

  • Fully Functioning gym only for yourself
  • An industry expert for helping you train
  • Customized training / dry cupping / fitness programs based on your requirements
  • Special sanitation procedures before and after every sessions 

We also offer a live online training programs for clients who have busy schedules and dont necessarily have the ability to leave their workplaces or home.

With our custom app we are able to work with you all with your smart phone / Tablet / Mac PC


Expert Coaches

John is an industry wide known leading fitness expert who online as well as in person session help you get to the next level in mental as well physical fitness.

By booking one of our in-person / online sessions, you gain access to a personalized studio in which you can choose to do your sessions with either other fitness lovers like yourself or have a one on one session with the expert trainers in which the entire facility is setup to facilitate your custom work out program



Professionals with 7+ years of experience



CanfitPro Certified Personal Trainer



NASM certified personal trainer

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